Science and Technology Learning with LEGO Robotics

RoboMindTech Workshop in Session

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Building 21st Century skills for your children

Inspire your children with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) concepts

Provide a stimulating environment for the young creative mind

Provide a fun "Hands On, Minds On" experience with connections to the real world

Unique RoboMindTech instruction, using the 4 C's (Connect, Construct, Contemplate, and Continue)

Open Enrollment for RoboMindTech 2011 Fall Registration!

You are cordially Invited to RoboMindTech Open House Sept 10,17,18 11-2pm Sept 24 3-5pm

Please RSVP via e-mail or 718-264-7626

Congratulations to RoboMindTech FLL/JFLL Teams for a Successful Season !!!

RoboMindTech RoboBeta - Championship #3 <2010 FLL Body Forward Challange> !!!

RoboMindTech RoboTron - Skill Challenge Award: Most Creative and Tallest Robot - Awarded by New York Academy of Science

RoboMindTech RoboStar - Teamwork #5 <2010 FLL Body Forward Challange> !!!

RoboMindTech Robo JStar - Best Science Research: Show Me Poster - JFLL Long Island Championship